Several used lenses for sale at cameratechs


Checking the market value of used camera equipment just takes a few minutes searching Web sites till you find several listings and the more the better. Prices will vary for the same item so keep a list of what you’ve found. These prices reflect the going rate for that item. If you have trouble finding a price listing for an item please Contact Us with details.

Use our Form Page to request more information for your specific camera or equipment questions.

The next BIG step in assessing the actual value of all used camera equipment is to have a complete examination performed by one of our camera repair technicians. It can be costly in terms of damaged film or lost productivity to believe that the cosmetic appearance of cameras and lenses is any indication of their actual working condition. A camera may look like new and still have hidden flaws that can only be detected by the special tests and equipment we employ in our service department.

Our customers looking to buy used equipment know of our reputation for selling cameras and lenses that have been reconditioned to original factory specifications. If you purchase any camera equipment elsewhere we encourage you to bring it or send it to us for a check up. Our technicians will test all functions in just minutes and provide a written estimate of repairs if any problems are found.

When you want to sell used equipment, we can help you set the selling price according to its condition and its price range. You can then use this information to sell it yourself, have us sell it for you on consignment or we would be happy to purchase your items. Selling your equipment through us on consignment is the easiest way to sell and you will receive 60% of the net value of your equipment. Contact us for more information.

Whether it’s your father’s vintage Leica, or your Grandpa’s Rolleiflex, Hasselblad, or other valuable classic we frequently help evaluate Estates and Inheritances.  Getting accurate values on collector cameras can be difficult without our background and resources.  We’re happy to provide you with just a value, or consign these items for you, if you like, as our reputation and expertise can help bring in top dollar for your items.

Consignment Frequently Asked Questions:
Why does CameraTechs Inc. require my contact info and Driver’s License #?
CameraTechs Inc. collects your contact information for a couple of reasons.
Firstly, the Seattle Police Dept. requires a log of contact info/ License # for all
used equipment that comes in our store in order to ensure it’s not stolen.
Secondly, we collect this info to be able to contact you regarding any updates or
changes to your consignment item.
What is the value of my consignment (how much do I get when my item sells?
The net value of a consignment item is the selling price minus the cost of any
necessary repairs. For items selling for more than $100, customers receive 60% of
the net value. For items selling for $100 or less, customers receive the net value
minus a $40 flat fee.
When do I receive my check?
The Seattle Police Dept. requires all consignment items stay in the store for 30
days while they run background checks on them. Also, we offer a 30 day
warranty period for all used / consigned items sold in our store. Once both of
these two 30 day periods have expired, you will be able to get your check.
What if my item requires service within the 30 day warranty period?
Any item brought in for possible warranty repair is first examined to make sure it
is eligible for warranty service. Damage due to user negligence is not covered
under warranty. The cost of any warranty service for a consignment item
is deducted from the value of the consignment.

How will I do I receive payment for my consignment?

After your consignment item has sold and the 30 day warranty period has

expired we will review your account and mail out your check.