Mamiya 7 for sale

November 20th, 2012 No Comments

Mamiya 7 for sale at cameratechs in Seattle

We have a very nice Mamiya 7 for sale that we are showing here with Mamiya’s amazing 43mm wide-angle lens and the accessory viewfinder that accompanies this lens, as the normal viewfinder doesn’t have crop lines for it.  If you aren’t familiar with the 7 it is a fantastic medium format camera and one of the most compact 6×7 camera systems ever made.  Based on the Mamiya 6 but doing away with that model’s convenient but trouble prone collapsible bellows system and going to the larger 6×7 negative, the 7 is an amazing camera for travel and landscape photography.  Adding to the 7’s versatility is its ability to shoot both 120 and 220, as well as 35mm panoramas that span approximately two 35mm film frames.   The 7 has a very quiet shutter, Program Exposure mode, and an excellent rangefinder focusing system as well as extremely sharp lenses and built in light meter.  This particular lens the 43mm f4.5 is especially sought after for it’s ability to show extremely wide angles with virtually no circular distortion.  We also have a couple of other lenses for this systems and all 3 lenses and body are sold separately.  We also have the easily installed and removed Polaroid back for the 7.

Mamiya 43mm Lens Accessory viewfinder view for sale at CameraTechs         Mamiya 43mm lens for sale at CameraTechs