Repair Estimates

Camera testing machines at CameraTechs in Seattle

Bring in your camera and lenses for a check up.  We are happy to test your digital or film photography equipment for proper function, and provide an estimate for repairs if they should be necessary.

Digital Cameras:  Testing procedures vary between digital cameras and film cameras.  Digital camera shutters cannot be tested and the speeds will remain accurate for the life of the shutter, however we can test for proper light meter function with our industry standard testing equipment. We can check for focus accuracy, with a test for back or front focus being first up, and can also physically inspect your lens for proper mechanical function.  We have extensive experience testing and diagnosing issues with DSLRs, Mirrorless Digital, Point and Shoots.

Film Cameras:  On most film cameras we are able to check the shutter speeds and light meters as well as light seals.  We can also check most rangefinder cameras for proper focus calibration. Our trained technicians have been working on a variety of film and digital cameras for years and will be able to accurately diagnose any issues with your camera or lenses in a timely manner.  Like your car, most film equipment was designed to be serviced periodically ranging anywhere from 3-15 years depending on the model and its usage.  We can also service most large format lenses and shutters, as well as most medium format equipment.

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